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WELCOME! You’ve landed on my special channeling events and tours page because I don’t want you to miss out on some great events coming up this season. My fall events are now listed below. Please enjoy all the pages on this site. If you are interested in learning more about my channeling or booking an appointment with me, check out the “private and group channeling sessions” page. For you paranormal fans I created a special section on ghosts and hauntings, along with blogs about some of my favorite haunts. Whether you’re psychic, haunted or just want to expand your awareness, I think you’ll find lots of things of interest here. Thanks for stopping by! – Craig

Psychic TeaPSYCHIC TEA  

Fundraiser at the Historic Hermitage in Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ

Sunday Oct 1 from 1-4 PM

I’ll be kicking off my October events at one of my favorite historic haunts, the Hermitage. This is a fundraiser for this historic property with part of the proceeds going directly to the Hermitage.

One hundred years ago, Bess and Mary Elizabeth Rosencrantz started the tradition of entertaining travelers in their historic Ho-Ho-Kus home. Aunt Bess and her niece Mary Elizabeth hosted “Tea with Ghosts” during which passersby would be treated to a light lunch, High Tea and stories of ghosts who inhabited the old mansion. Newspaper headlines read “Ghost House Becomes a Popular Tea Resort” and the tea became a huge financial success for the Rosencrantz family and continued at the house for over a decade.

One hundred years later, we have revived the old tea with a new twist. Instead of talking about the ghosts, we will be talking to them. In this case, I will be channeling the spirits of family members and friends of those present. I can’t say for sure if Aunt Bess and Mary Elizabeth will be joining us, but you can never tell, as they do love a good ghost story!

For the High Tea portion of the event we have gone right to the experts. Anyone who has ever visited Sally Lunn’s Tea Shop in Chester, NJ knows they offer one of the best High Teas in the state! Sally Lunn’s will be catering a fabulous High Tea served buffet style to allow you to enjoy your High Tea just the way you want. After the tea I will channel for about two hours, moving around the room to wherever I sense spirits wanting to communicate.

As part of this special fundraiser to raise monies for the historic Hermitage, the main house will be open to tour an hour prior to the start of our event. The event itself will be held across the lawn at Jacqua Hall. Please get some friends and family members together to help us raise needed funds for one of the state’s most historic landmarks, the Hermitage.

Tickets are $100 per person which includes the house tour, High Tea and Channeling. Part of the proceeds for this event go to help maintain the Historic Hermitage site. You will have a great time AND you’re helping to save a valuable piece of our history for future generations!


More about the Ghosts of the Hermitage


at Capone’s in Tom’s River, NJ

Thursday Night October 5 at 6 PM

To accommodate those in South Jersey, I will be doing another Channeling Dinner at Capone’s Restaurant at 17 Washington Street Toms River, NJ on Thursday night October 5, at 6 PM.

I love the history in this part of Toms River, and Capone’s has a great banquet room that is the perfect venue for this type of event. A delicious Italian buffet dinner will be served starting at 6 PM. After dinner, I will walk around the room and channel for the group. I cannot channel for every person and do not promise to get to every table, but I will try to read as many energies coming through as I can during the two hours channeling session. Gather up your friends and family (here and on the Other Side) and join me for a spirited night of channeling at Capone’s!

Tickets are $60 per person (plus tax & gratuity) must be purchased in advanced by calling the restaurant at 732-604-3507.

TWO EVENTS at Historic Cold Spring Village in Cape May

Channeling Dinner at the Grange Restaurant HCSV

10/7 Saturday at 7 PM

I am returning to Historic Cold Spring Village again this year for another large group channeling and dinner fundraiser. HCSV will be serving a delicious fall buffet dinner at 7pm that will include a selection of beer and wine. After dinner, I will move around the room and channel for the group. At larger events, I try to read as many people as possible during the time allotted for channeling. SEATING IS LIMITED.

Tickets are $85 per person and must be purchased in advance. Please call Historic Cold Spring Village at (609) 898-2300, ext. 10 for more info and to purchase tickets.

FRIDAY THE 13TH Ghost Walk and After Dark BBQ 

10/13 Friday at 6:30 PM

NEW this year! I will be down at Historic Cold Spring Village to host a special GHOST WALK and After Dark BBQ by the Cold Spring Grange Restaurant on Friday the 13th of October. Do you dare venture out among the haunted dwellings and old spirits that inhabit the village of Friday the 13th? I hope you do because this will be a great evening fundraiser!

This event has LIMITED availability. I will be taking each group around the village and stopping at each house where I have experienced something of a paranormal nature. I will be explaining the many facets of ghosts and hauntings and attempting to communicate with some of the ghosts. You never know who, or what, may tag along with your group  as we move through the dark, candlelit paths of old Cold Spring Village.

A wonderful BBQ dinner will be provided and for those who enjoy the other types of spirits, the Cold Spring Brewery is right on the premises.

Tickets are $75 per person and must be purchased in advance. Please call Historic Cold Spring Village at (609) 898-2300, ext. 10 for more info and to purchase tickets. Events sponsored by Historic Cold Spring Village in Cape May.

Channeling Lunch at the Blue Rose Inn and Restaurant

Saturday October 14 from 11:30AM-3 PM

at the Blue Rose Inn & Restaurant in Cape May, NJ

$95 per person ( inclusive)

Besides being one of the top restaurants in all of Cape May, the Blue Rose is also a great spot for my smaller channeling events. Did I mention they even have a few ghosts hanging around?

If you are coming into town for my Friday the 13th Event at Cold Spring Village, why not make a weekend of it? Join me at the Blue Rose on Saturday afternoon for a delicious fall lunch followed by a two-hour channeling session. Seating is EXTREMELY LIMITED for this smaller event. Tickets MUST be purchased in advance.

Email to get your tickets



GHOST TOURS in Cape May with Craig

Join me at America’s oldest seaside resort as I walk you along some of the most haunted streets in town. I will be stopping in front of new haunts featured in my latest book, as well as revisiting old favorites with updates.

Each “Walk” tour this takes a different route, so you can take more than one tour and see different haunts! Wear comfortable shoes and bring a flashlight.


  • 10/6 – A Walk with the Ghost Writer 6PM & 9PM
  • 10/20 – A Walk with the Ghost Writer 6PM
  • 10/20 – Séance at the Physick Estate 10PM SOLD OUT
  • 10/21 – A Walk with the Ghost Writer 6PM & 9PM

“Walk with the Ghost Writer” Tours leave from the ticket booth on Ocean Street and Washington at the Mall.
“Seance at the Physick Estate” meets at the front door of the Physick Mansion.


Tours are sponsored by the Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts (MAC.) Events have limited availability, may sell out without notice, and are not recommended for young children.

Ghostly Events at the Historic Hermitage

October 27 – October 30 in Ho-Ho-Kus, New Jersey 

Ghost Tours at the Hermitage with Craig

$40 per person (limited to 18 people per tour)

• Friday October 27 at 7 PM SOLD OUT
• Saturday October 28 at 7 PM
• Sunday October 29 at 5 PM and 7 PM
• Monday October 30 at 7 PM

Join me for a spine-tingling tour of the old Hermitage homestead! I will be taking small groups through the Hermitage, explaining ghost hunting from the perspective of a psychic medium. During the tour, I will let us know if I sense anyone in spirit in the old house. Should your tour be lucky enough to encounter one of the Hermitage’s resident ghosts, I will attempt to communicate with it. For many years there have been reports of ghostly inhabitants at the Hermitage, will the ghosts be joining us during YOUR tour? Each tour lasts approximately one hour and is limited to 18 people. The tour is not recommended for children under the age of 14. Cameras and other recording equipment are not permitted to be used during these tours.


Séance at the Hermitage

Tickets $50 per person (limited to 18 people per tour)

  • Friday October 27 at 10 PM
  • Saturday October 28 at 10 PM
  • Monday October 30 at 10 PM

Ever wanted to spend midnight in a dark, old mansion with some ghosts? Here’s your chance! As the large front door of the Hermitage swings slowly open at 10 PM, Medium Craig McManus will be waiting inside to greet us and take us on a spooky walking tour of the old home. Room by room, floor by floor, Craig will tell us what paranormal presences he senses. For the last 30 minutes, we will all gather and be seated in the enchanted parlor at which time Craig will use his psychic abilities to attempt to communicate with the spirits he feels reside in the old house. Are YOU brave enough to join Craig for a thrilling Séance at the Hermitage?

The Séance at the Hermitage tour lasts approximately 90 minutes and is not recommended for children under the age of 16. Tickets must be purchased in advance through the Hermitage.



Cameras and other recording equipment are not permitted to be used during these tours.

Tickets are limited for each event and must be purchased IN ADVANCE. These tours are sponsored by the Friends of the Hermitage. Part of the tour proceeds goes to helping maintain this National historic site.