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WELCOME! You’ve landed on my special channeling events and tours page because I don’t want you to miss out on some great events coming up this season. As we get closer to fall, I will be adding a long list of fall events and tours as well. These events sell out quickly, so don’t wait to grab your tickets. Please enjoy all the pages on this site. If you are interested in learning more about my channeling or booking an appointment with me, check out the “private and group channeling sessions” page. For you paranormal fans I created a special section on ghosts and hauntings, along with blogs about some of my favorite haunts. Whether you’re psychic, haunted or just want to expand your awareness, I think you’ll find lots of things of interest here. Thanks for stopping by!

In Good Spirits, Craig McManus

Craig McManus channeling at the 76 House

Channeling Dinner

At the ’76 House

in Tappan, NY

Thursday May 4, 2017 at 7 PM

Tickets: $80 per person (plus tax and tip)

Join me at one of America’s most historic restaurants for a great spring Channeling Dinner. We always have a great time at the ’76 House and you never know which of your loved ones in spirit may choose to show up to join you!

A delicious buffet dinner will be served after which I will channel for about two hours. New York’s oldest restaurant and bar is a great venue for an event like this. Tell your friends and get a table together!

To reserve your seats, call the ’76 House ASAP at 845-359-5476. You can also visit them online at

Limited Seating…grab your tickets TODAY.

Capones Restaurant logo

Channeling Dinner

at Capone’s Restaurant

in Tom’s River, NJ

Thursday June 15, 2017 at 6 PM

To accommodate those in South Jersey, I will be doing a Channeling Dinner at Capone’s Restaurant at 17 Washington Street Toms River, NJ on Thursday night June 15 at 6 PM. I love the history in this part of Toms River, and Capone’s has a great banquet room that is the perfect venue for this type of event. A delicious Italian buffet dinner will be served starting at 6 PM. After dinner, I will walk around the room and channel for the group. I cannot channel for every person and do not promise to get to every table, but I will try to read as many energies coming through as I can during the two hour channeling session. Gather up your friends and family (here and on the Other Side) and join me for a spirited night of channeling at Capone’s!

Tickets are $60 per person (plus tax & gratuity) must be purchased in advanced by calling the restaurant at 732-604-3507.