Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP)

Posted on October 1, 2008

EVP or Electronic Voice Phenomena is basically a ghost voice caught on tape. We don’t know how it happens, but there are many theories on the subject. In The Ghosts of Cape May Book 3,  I get into more detail about how EVPs occurred in my various haunting investigations. I do think that my being a psychic medium has something to do with the higher frequency of EVPs that appear on my tapes. For some unknown scientific reason, certain types of recording devices like cassette tape recorders and digital tape recorders are able to capture sounds that humans cannot hear.  On playback, ghostly voices or noises may be heard in the static of a recording, or stronger versions of these voices may be heard talking at almost the same level as the living.

Since  books do not yet come with an audio component, I thought I would post several EVPs from my investigations here on this website. EVPs are very subjective bits of sound and different people tend to hear different things. Some people hear nothing but static, while others hear voices and even conversations. I will let you decide what is being said and I welcome your comments below!

EVP #1 The Albert Stevens Bed & Breakfast, Cape May, NJ

One of my favorite places to stay in Cape May and the best breakfast you will taste in town! The Albert Stevens Inn is thought to be haunted by the good DR. Albert Stevens himself and his daughter, Vesta.

Dr. Albert Stevens was a well-known homeopathic doctor in his day and I have found more than once in Cape May, that those who practiced in medical arts seem to have somehow survived death by entering the Ghost Realm.

I was sitting in Dr. Steven’s old library and asking the ghosts of the house to help me in my paranormal research, appealing to Dr. Stevens as a man who greatly enjoyed research himself. After some odd noises are heard on the tape, a man’s voice is heard saying, “Let’s just cooperate.” The slightly underwater sound is the result of filtering I had to apply to remove much of the background noise and isolate the voice. Over filtering can distort or ruin and EVP, but not enough filtering can leave it buried in white noise. I try to take it as far as I can to make it clearly audible without drastically distorting the sound or meaning. See what you think the man is saying: lets-just-cooperate.

EVP #2 The Eldredge House Inn, West Cape May, NJ

One of the oldest and most historic houses in West Cape May, and a great, quiet and relaxing place to spend the night, the Eldredge House has a few old ghost of its own kicking around the eaves.

This is a section of tape from an investigation I did with my partner Willy and Gerry Eisenhauer in 2007. I say to Willy, “And I’ll take up the other mic?” Willy replies, “It’s already on record.” In the background, if you listen carefully you can hear a woman saying something and a child replying, “I’ll take a nap now.” You should play it several times to hear it correctly: Eldredge House Child’s Voice.

Many EVPs are thought to be sound waves that ghosts will piggyback onto existing sounds in the room. This EVP could be so clear because Willy and I provided sound waves to carry the ghost’s own voices. It is thought that a ghost can project energy to create a sound by altering existing sounds. This is why some paranormal researchers will turn on background white noise, like a radio station set to static. It is felt that this noise allows a ghost to alter the noise and form words or sentences. Ghosts, after all, do not have any physical voice boxes, throats or mouths to create a voice in the way the living do. Somehow they can manipulate energy or sound to achieve a “voice” can be captured on certain recording equipment. EVPs cannot be heard live. It is only during playback that they occur. Are our ears not sensitive enough to hear them? Or is the EVP pure energy that is applied to the metallic tape surface or imprinted digitally? Theories abound!

EVP #3 The Shanley Hotel, Napanoch, NY

Right above Ellenville, in the long and winding valley in the shadows of the Shawanugunk Mountains just below New Paltz, sits the tiny hamlet of Napanoch. The most recent incarnation of The Shanley Hotel was built in 1895, after a fire consumed the earlier version of the hotel. A favorite watering hole and “summer getaway” The Shanley has delighted guests since it was first built in 1845.

I was asked by the new owners to come up and investigate the old hotel as they were totally renovating the place to restore it to its former grandeur. Over the hotel’s history the building also played home to a hidden bordello and bar during prohibition. It is from this era it seems, that a few extra guests, or rather ghosts, have chosen to take up long term residency in the place.

While we were walking around the third floor of the hotel, I sensed the spirit of a young woman who was trying to tell me she had died in the room. The owners at the time did not have any knowledge of such an event. In this recording you will here me speaking to Sal the owner about the woman. I say, “I think at some point that someone- a woman was either beat up here or she was murdered.” After that you hear a woman’s voice in the background say. “Murdered.” There were no women with us at the time. This is one of the best EVPs I have ever captured. The deceased woman was confirming what I was feeling psychically. We could not hear her at the time, but she certainly made herself known on tape: murdered.

The Shanley Hotel has all kinds of great paranormal events going on. Well worth a trip to the country!

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