Giving Myself The Psychic Tweetment

Posted on February 12, 2011

I am now flying and tweeting with the rest of you. I have started on Twitter. CraigMcMedium is here!

I guess it’s about time. I admit I am slow to follow trends. When it comes to social media, I have been very antisocial. Maybe it’s just me, but we seem to live with more of a herd mentality than ever these days. Social media sends us running and yapping in all different directions at once. There is an old Bugs Bunny cartoon from 1949 titled Hare Do. When I was a kid I used to love the part where Elmer Fudd chases Bugs into a movie theater and Bugs gets the best of him. In one of the gags, Bugs switches a lever making the sign over the entrance to the theater change from “intermission” to “curtain.” Each time he does this, the crowd stampedes to the lobby to smoke or rushes back into the theater to see the picture. This repeats about six or seven times, and Elmer is always under the stampeding herd of people. The image reminds me a lot of social media. One person likes, posts or tweets something interesting, and a herd of people electronically rush in that direction.

I am not completely anti social media. I did manage to get on facebook before most of my friends. At the time it was for the younger generation, still in school, but I thought it would be the way to go to promote my books and events. It turned out I made the right decision. I had skipped the MySpace movement all together, again being the last one on my block to follow trends. I was the last one on my block to do many things. When I was in grade school, everyone had a ten-speed bike. I still had the three-speed bike my parents bought me in fifth grade. I did not upgrade to a ten-speed until I was an adult, many years later. I just skipped from that three-speed to driving a car, as I did when I missed being part of the popular website MySpace, going right to facebook. Not that there was anything wrong with MySpace, it is a great social media platform. I just got into social media late, when facebook was on the rise, and my younger co-workers suggested it would be the way to go for me. They were right, I think.

Then came Twitter. It was hard enough keeping up with blogging on my website, now I was being told I had to tweet! I kept running into people asking me if I was on Twitter. All I could think about is getting lost in the millions of people tweeting and having to keep up with another social media obligation. I felt like I would be Elmer Fudd, getting trampled under the stampede of people running back and forth in the movie theater. I resisted for a long time.

I certainly enjoy writing, and I love to talk. Tweeting should have been a natural for me. So, being the “last one on my blog” to be tweetless, I finally broke down and joined the ranks of humanity and started on Twitter. Of course, someone already had my name, so I turned to my guides and asked them to send me something creative. What must they think of us now? First, a social herd running from like to like, now a flock of tweeters.  The handle “Craig McMedium” came to mind. I thought, I “like” it.

As I started to tweet, I realized the truncated way in which we send information on Twitter is very much like the way I receive psychic messages as a medium.

When I channel information from the dead, that information comes in bits and pieces. Some of it is psychically visual and some of it is psychically audible. I receive imagery and words with my mind, not with my eyes and ears. Next, I stitch all that information together and try to make sense of it. I have been channeling long enough to recognize that there is a base code of information, very much like the abbreviated ways of communicating on social networks. My mind works in a similar way when I channel information. However, my brain has yet to add a “like” or “unlike” button, but the feelings that come packaged with the information help me to determine that as well. Sometimes I have a good feeling about something being channeled and sometimes I break off the line because I do not have a good feeling about what is coming through, either the message or the source is too negative for me to handle.

Channeling works on different levels of energy. Trance channeling spirits from the Other Side is typically a higher energy, while communicating with ghosts works on a lower level energy. Usually various types of energies come through once I open up my psychic mind and turn on the open for business sign in my head.

If I am working with the higher source of energy such as channeling a spirit guide or someone’s loved one from the Other Side, the messages will come through stronger and clearer. However, these types of messages being of a higher energy or psychic frequency seem to come in compressed or just out of my cognitive scope. Therefore, once my brain receives a specific psychic communication on this higher frequency, it has to break it down so that I can make sense of it.  My brain needs to bring this energy down to earth, slow it down and sort it out, so that I can understand it, and help my clients  do the same. Like electronic transmissions we use to communicate today, the carrier waves of psychic energy seem to need decoding at the receiving end, the human brain. Mentally transcribing psychic energy is exhausting, and one of the reasons I cannot channel every day of the week. I also believe on some level, our soul energy extends outside the body and helps to grab and interpret psychic energy.

Seeing how others tweet constantly reminds me of channeling. It is uncanny how compressed Twitter messages resemble psychic messages. Let me give you a few examples. I may be sitting and meditating in a long, dark hallway of an old hotel. I sit down on the floor, say a prayer of protection, and then throw out the psychic line. After a few minutes, should the place have any ghosts roaming around, I will start receiving information. It comes to me like this:

Craig: “If there is anyone here who wished to communicate with me, I am a medium. Come to me and let me hear your thoughts. ”

Physical sensations of tingling or cold might lead off the session. Next comes the feeling of someone else in the vicinity. I sit with my eyes closed, typically, to help me focus on the physical feelings and the mental imagery that follows next.

A flash of a woman in a long dress appears in my head like a slide from a PowerPoint presentation. It’s there and then it’s gone. That’s the establishing shot. Next comes a quick series of pictures of the same woman and then random shots of things and places, maybe even imagery of the place where I am conducting the session. Next they start tweeting in my head.

“Lived hear-beach-sand- waves-deep water-gasping. Drowned.” With a list of words, strung together like a short post, comes more imagery, this time clearer and more detailed. The message has now been received and my brain then takes over and starts to decode the information into something that is easier for me to grasp. It finds imagery stored in my own head and repaints the picture for me, filling in any gaps. This is where I need to be careful as a medium. There are lower levels of energy out there as well. They can affect a communication by piggybacking onto the incoming transmission and adding their own images and thoughts. Ghosts do not have manners when it comes to letting a person have a turn to speak. They sometimes speak over each other without even realizing it. When I try to channel ghosts, I am opening a door and throwing out a psychic line. Anything can walk into my head if I am not careful. I try to filter out these lower energies whenever possible. Sometimes it is impossible to quiet a chatty ghost. I think some ghosts would do quite well on social media platforms.

Ghosts aren’t the only thing that can run a psychic communication way over 140 characters, the human mind has a penchant for coloring psychic information. If I allow my brain to take a psychic message and run with it, the information may become distorted by my own personal memories. In psychic terms, it is called the “stained glass window” effect. Our human brains tend to create patterns where there are none, and stitch together things so we can understand them, sometimes distorting the original information in the process. For instance, the ghost I encountered may have stopped her communication with the word “drowned”, but my brain may have continued to over think the message and found some forgotten reference in my head of a child drowning. Suddenly I am thinking a child who drowned along with the woman. I would have added to her story, and unfortunately changed it. During a channeling, one cannot over think the information coming through or the possibility for imprinting personal feelings may arise.

The best psychic information comes in fast and compressed, like a tweet. The trick is, to get to the basic information and relay it before the analytical or creative side of the medium’s brain can take it on a field trip. Hey, we are only human and our brains are just trying to help.

Those 140 characters that Twitter allows posters to use in one message remind me so much of how ghosts, and spirits, communicate. Each of their messages is short and to the point. It is as if they are on a phone with a dying battery and have to get the most important information our fast, without any filler. There will usually be multiple messages, some different, others repetitive, but they are all like short tweets.

This method of communicating seems to work best with the human brain. Most of my channeling is done in an “awake state” where I am fully aware of what is going on and talking to both the dead and the living at the same time. I think longer messages would get cut off or lost by mediums that worked out of trance like this.

The higher guides have also had lots of experience doing this. The living receivers come and go; the guides just keep on sending messages. Sometimes it seems as if the folks on the Other Side are firing volleys of information, hoping to hit the target with at least some of the messages. Short communications do seem to have the best chance of getting through.

Let me give you another example of how I receive psychic information. The version above was how I would attempt to communicate with ghosts. Ghostly messages are short, random, and scattered. Some make no sense at all. Ghosts come and go quickly, and their communication follows suit.

Souls who have left the body and crossed over to Heaven, communicate in the same truncated manner, but more clearly. Ghosts may or may not want to communicate and more often than not, we have sought them out for a chat. Ghosts are also earthbound and typically place centered. Their energies do not flow as freely as the energies of those who have crossed over to the Other Side, those souls that I refer to as spirits. Ghosts also have internal dramas running through their minds and often have trouble holding a psychic conversation with a medium. Some of them do not even know they are dead, and will converse in a dreamlike state. These earthbound souls will drift away as quickly as they arrived. Spirits, on the other hand, are coming through specifically to bring messages to their friends and loved ones on the Earth plane. They have intent to communicate and know the best way to get their messages across to the living. As I said above, they have had lots of practice.

A typical channeling session with higher souls would go something like this:

I sit and meditate in a comfortable chair, or stand if the session will be shorter,  in the company of a client or clients as I focus on a higher energy. I ask my spirit guides to help me make the communication with the loved ones who wish to speak. It may take some time to get my mind aligned with this higher communication. I am only human and channeling is not easy.

Once I have made the link, I start to feel a psychical sensation of warmth and fuzziness, as opposed to the cold, draining feeling I may get while channeling ghosts. I will then start getting the short messages, along with imagery and visuals of shadowy forms of the people with whom I am communicating. As I get deeper into trance, I can see these people more clearly.

The words “Father-protecting-worried Watching out for you.” may come through followed by images of a man, a car, and finally a close up of a car tire. I would interpret this as a father trying to warn his son or daughter about a bad tire on their car that needs to be fixed. The messages may continue with more details about the car, the place it will be traveling and even details about the person communicating with me. This is where one can see the difference between channeling a ghost and channeling a higher spirit from the Other Side. The longer I stay connected the more relaxed I feel, and the more detailed the information becomes. With my eyes closed, I feel a floating sensation as my body starts to feel like it is reclining into a comfortable chair to watch a movie. It is.

When the connection is strong, our spirit friends on the Other Side can suddenly switch from “Twitter” type communications (short messages) to “facebook” or “MySpace” communicating (lots of pictures, multiple thoughts and rolling conversations.) Suddenly the messages get longer, and my mind is viewing an album instead of a few pictures. If the connection is really strong, those pictures take on a life and energy of their own. I will now be able to see images as if they were real. I am transported visually to another place and time.  With my eyes closed, I can move around each of these places and describe things in detail. It is an amazing and surreal experience.

During this process, my clients typically will recognize the location as somewhere familiar, like a childhood home. When I go this deep into trance with a channeling, it is like running a marathon. It takes a great deal of energy to keep my focus in two places at once, here and in a psychic realm. As a medium, or the middleman in the communication, I am immersed in the energy.  I have to pull myself back to the living when I am done. My energy can be drained very quickly by a deep trance channeling. While this type of experience is exhilarating, I think it is easier to communicate in a Twitterlike fashion!

The more I look at our own evolution of communicating via social networks, the more I wonder if this is where the human race is heading. Will communications become truncated and abbreviated to the point where we will be rewriting our own languages? Come to think of it, we already are. Maybe this is a natural evolution for us as a species. Maybe our spirit guides and the ghosts know more about efficient methods of communicating than we do. Perhaps short psychic messages are in the future for all of us, and verbal and written language will be a thing of the past. In that case, I am glad I am slow to follow trends. I like to talk, and I would probably make a really annoying ghost. On the same note, as a spirit guide, I may have a lot of mediums quitting on me. Getting to the point of a conversation and short sentences are just not my style.

Maybe I do need to learn how to tweet after all.  This social media learning curve might be exactly what I need. I may just have to change my name to the Social Medium.

I am CraigMcMedium on Twitter. Come follow me on a new journey.

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