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Posted on November 22, 2011

It’s not just the living who drop by for a visit during the holiday season. Loved ones on the Other Side often tell me during channeling sessions that they come to visit at this joyous time of year. They love to experience a taste of the old holiday excitement.

However, the living, who have recently suffered the loss of a close family member or good friend, the annual holidays can be anything but happy. Celebrating these holidays for the first time without a significant other, a parent, or a child, can be a painful and lonely experience. There is, however, a bigger picture. Losing the physical presence and connection with a loved one can be devastating. We see our lives as empty, and lose desire and motivation for moving forward with such a loss. It is natural to go through a mourning period, but when that mourning becomes a full-time job, and lasts for years, we have not only lost someone close to us, we have given up our own life as well.

There comes a point when all of us will lose someone close to us, it is a natural part of life. The upside is, those same souls never really leave us. They are probably sitting right next to you at your computer reading this blog and telling you, “See, I told you I was here, but you won’t listen!” Reconnecting with family and friends now in Spirit can help to get us back on track living life to the fullest.

Our loved ones from Heaven are often with us guiding and watching. They may not be visiting on a 24/7 basis, but they are never far. As I began to put up the Christmas trees this year, I could not help but think of my parents being gone. Mom passed in May of 2010 and Dad followed her to Heaven this past January. My mother lived with us for the last three years of her life. My Dad had gone into the Veterans Home after a leg amputation, and Mom was afraid to live alone in their old house. My partner and I made the decision to ask her to move in with us. I am so glad we did. Having her here for her final years of life has left me with many great memories of our holidays together.

As I placed each ornament on my living room trees this year (yes, trees, I put up 14 in all!) I fondly remembered back to the last three Christmases that Mom was with us. She would sit in her rocker, watching me decorate. Her job was to polish each of the mercury glass ornaments called kugels. These were the first glass Christmas ornaments. They were made in France and Germany in the 1800s and early 1900s. My mother’s Great Grandmother, Grossmuter, brought pieces with her from Germany after the Civil War. I grew up being told the story that the heavy glass cobalt blue ball, and dark green grapes, were brought over to America by Grossmuter on a sailing ship. These two antique ornaments started me on my antique Christmas collecting journey that eventually lead to putting up fourteen trees of varying sizes.

Each year, when I would bring out the kugels, Mom and I would reminisce about Christmases past. I really did not need her to polish each ornament, I just enjoyed having her keep me company while I decorated the tree. This was the way it had been since I was growing up in the 60s. I would decorate while Mom would watch and tell me where the “holes” were that needed lights or ornaments. We made a good team. Today, my partner Willy puts up the trees with me, as he has been doing the last twenty years. With every ornament I hang, however, I keep glancing over at Mom’s old rocker, facing the trees, sitting empty. It makes me start to cry even to write that. You would think someone who works as a psychic medium full time would listen to his own words, and know she is still  sitting in that rocker.

It takes time to get over a loss, but I know my Mom wanted the holidays to continue without her. Last Christmas was the first she was gone, this year it is a little easier. My dad, living in the Veterans Home since 2006, had not been a part of the home Christmas celebration in a few years. It almost feels like he is still over there, waiting for me to bring him his Christmas presents and candy.

As we were decorating the trees last night, I was talking to Willy about the theme of the blog I wanted to write. It was just about midnight; I was tired, but happy to have the two trees in the living room finally finished. I felt a rush of energy around me. I thought of my mother and looked over at where she used to sit. I said to Willy, “I know Mom and Dad are here with us, I can feel them. I hope they like the trees this year.” With that, my office phone rang, once. It was exactly midnight and I was not expecting any late night clients. I checked the number on caller ID. It was a bizarre series of numbers. Was it a telemarketer at midnight? I like to think it was Mom and Dad checking in and confirming they were with us. I said to Willy, “I wonder if that was really them.” The phone rang again, just once. It was them, I just know it.

Our loved ones will often communicate with us in dreams. We are more relaxed and open when we dream. The problem is remembering their visits, we usually only remember the last dream we were having when we woke up. During the holiday season, any holiday season, no matter what you may be celebrating, our friends, and family from Heaven are there with us. I do believe that Heaven is around us, not above us. We are always surrounded by their love.

This holiday season remember one thing…you never know just who will be stopping by to visit. So for those who have given up favorite old holiday traditions in place long-term mourning, I would highly suggest opening your minds, and hearts to all the Spirits and love around you. It’s there. You just have to want to embrace it. We crave to have the physical connection we had with our loved ones returned to us, but that is not how life works. As someone who has been listening to dead people for his entire life, I can tell you they are here, and refusing to believe that only denies us personal joy. We can’t bring them back to their former physical selves, but we certainly can feel their presence and cherish their company for the rest of our earthly lives.

For those who say it’s just too painful or difficult to feel any joy without their loved ones, I will repeat a story I was told by someone’s son, in Heaven, during a channeling session many years ago. The boy had died tragically as a teenager. His family had stopped celebrating Christmas since his death a few years before. His message was, “How would you feel if you were dead, I was still alive, and you came to visit me at Christmas and found me sitting alone, in a darkened room, feeling sorry for myself, and pushing away the magic of the season?” The mother told me she would be very sad to see her family give up the joy of the holidays. She also said, what would make her happy would be to see the family celebrating Christmas with a big picture of her watching them from the mantel over the fire. The boy’s response from the Other Side was “Well?” That Christmas, I was told the family put up a tree, put pictures out of their son, and celebrated along with him, knowing his wishes and that he really was there in Spirit all along.

Someday we will be back together with our loved ones again in Heaven. In the meantime, know that they want us to keep living our lives here to the fullest. You don’t have to forget them, in fact, make sure you tell them to join you at your next party!

Celebrating with our remaining friends and family here on the Earth is just as important as celebrating with Spirits of loved ones. Also, try to remember friends, family, and neighbors who may be alone during the holidays. If you know someone who may be alone this holiday season, you may want to think about inviting him or her to celebrate with you and your family. Their loved ones on the Other Side will thank you, and the world needs as much positive energy as it can get right now, so pass it around!

So, here’s to you and yours, both in the physical and in Spirit, wishing you all a wonderful holiday season. Whoops, I have to run, the phone just rang and I think it’s Mom telling me to go out and buy her some of her beloved eggnog…Got to help keep the Spirits bright!

Happy Holidays!

All the Best, Craig

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