Scared Of Our Own Shadows

Posted on February 7, 2012

I always breathe a sigh of relief when we get to February. I hate winter. Although winter has been a cakewalk so far this year, at least in North Jersey. Maybe the groundhog is just seeing someone else’s shadow, and winter really is going to end early. If this is what winter is going to be like for the next six weeks, I am all for it.

Groundhogs are not the only ones who are influenced by shadows. Many human beings are scared of their “shadows” as well. As a species we seem to make an artform out of being afraid, and worrying is second only to breathing on our priority list. We all need to learn how to stop worrying and start living.

One of the topics that repeatedly comes up in my channeling sessions is lack of movement on one’s life path. This stagnation stems from worrying, indecision, and over thinking every possible outcome to a problem until we box ourselves into a corner and become immobile. In a sense, we have become scared of our own shadows and run back into our hole. Folks, this is a life lesson we need to learn fast and move on.

It is OK to be cautious, but when caution turns into mortal fear, there is a problem. Like many of you, I have been presented with tough challenges in life, and I have sometimes let those challenges pull me down. It’s OK to sit on the pity pot, but like a toilet, you eventually have to get off. People often feel sorry for themselves when things don’t go right. What they tell me on the Other Side is that the reason this happens is simple; we are supposed to be learning something. Some lessons are just difficult. I am also told that we are the ones who choose the level of difficulty with life lessons. So, yell at yourself next time things don’t go right, and then do something about it. Don’t ask, “Why me?” Ask, “What is the lesson I am supposed to be learning, so I can learn it and move on with my life!”

Imagine life is like a swim club, a pool with all of us on the Earth swimming around. In the pool there are people frolicking in the water having fun or occasionally getting out of breath, and needing help. Sometimes we even start drowning. Around the pool, in nice comfortable lounge chairs, sit all of our friends and relatives who have passed. They keep and eye on us, and will call to us when they know we have had enough, and it’s time to get out and join them on the sidelines.

There are also lifeguards around the pool. These are our Spirit Guides, our Guardian Angels who watch over us. They know when we are in trouble and they may put someone else in the pool, or guide another swimmer into our path to help. Many people are put in our paths. Some are put there to help us, and some need our help. This is life.

In special situations, we need to learn hard lessons, and we are required to do most of the work ourselves. It may feel like we are alone, that no one is around to help us when we are drowning, but, in fact, our Spirit Guides are right there on the lifeguard stands. They know that sometimes we need to go under a bit, to kick in some adrenaline, and get ourselves moving in the right direction. Most of us find the strength to pull ourselves up to the surface, and when we do, we have learned the lesson and garnered strength from the experience. We would never learn how to swim if the lifeguards kept rescuing us.

Not every life lesson is doctorate level, thesis-grade material. Most of our life lessons can be learned quickly and easily. The problem arises when we fail to learn one lesson, and then we move on to another. Things start to pile up, and we start to feel helpless and overwhelmed, even depressed. However, if we see things from the point of view from the chairs on the side of the pool, we realize that in the bigger picture, all of the hurdles we face in life are just water around us. Eventually, we climb out of the pool and dry off. It’s usually after we cross over, so I am told in sessions by the Spirit Guides, that we look back and have regrets for all the things we were afraid to do in life. Only then do we realize that life on Earth is all about living, learning, and soul growth. When we are in the water, everything seems so much more difficult and complex.

Instead of making mountains out of molehills, or chasms out of groundhog dens, we all need to take a mental trip out of the pool occasionally, look at where we are, what we are doing with our life, and recognize the current lesson plan. We typically don’t make this trip alone. Our soul mates travel with us and help us in the form of friends, family or sometimes, total strangers that come into our lives just at the right moment, and then become lifelong friends. We have a lot of help learning life lessons, but no one can do the work for us.

So let’s get started. If you tend to see the shadows rather than the light, it’s time to refocus. Remember you have a lot of help around you sending positive light to guide you. Whether that light is coming from friends, family or Spirit Guides doesn’t matter. Focus on that positive energy in front of you and keep your shadows behind. Keep moving forward. You will feel so much better when you do.

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