Do you have dreams that come true? Do you think about someone moments before they text, call or run into you somewhere unexpectedly? Do you get a “sense” when a location “feels good” or “gives you the creeps?” If you have answered yes to all these, you just may have some natural psychic ability.

Craig using his natural psychic abilityI often tell clients that psychic ability runs down family lines. Some people know they have ability but choose to keep it private, others have it, but are afraid to use it, and some simply don’t know they have it at all.

Those of us who work with this gift on a daily basis know it does not go away. It is part of out being. Psychic ability is soul deep. It connects us to the world around us, people we are close to and may help us avoid “bumps” in the road of life by warning us of a precarious situation ahead.

Growing up, no one told me I was born with psychic ability. No one knew. The doctor who delivered me didn’t hand me off to my mother saying, “Congratulations Mrs. McManus, you have a healthy, psychic, baby boy!”

I learned about being psychic through life experiences that I realized other people were not having. At least they were not sharing their experiences with me. When I was young things would pop into my head at night that were truly startling. Faces of strangers suddenly materializing in my mind, peering down at me from above my bed in striking detail sent me running down the hallway to my parents’ bedroom many nights.

Eventually I learned to live with the visuals and occasional disembodied voices coming to me at night. As I went through my teens, I was drawn to the idea of people having psychic ability. I read as much as I could, bought a set of Tarot Cards, and started reading for friends. During each session, my attention was diverted from the cards to unseen energies converging around me. In the early days, I could not tell the difference between earthbound spirits (ghosts) and spirits coming coming through from the Other Side. Persistence, some very strong spirit encounters followed by sleepless nights and a lot of work in the field allowed me to hone my skills as not just a psychic, but a psychic medium.

While psychics can sense/read energies around a person or place, they cannot communicate directly with surviving personalities. A psychic medium can talk to the dead, and “hear” them. You can compare this difference in skills with the medical field. Psychics would be the general practitioners and mediums would be the specialists. There are many more psychics than psychic mediums. I feel psychic ability runs down family lines. We can inherit it from the maternal or paternal side or in some cases, from both sides. My mother and father both had varying degrees of psychic ability, they just did not talk about their experiences often.

So what do you do if you think you have ability? That choice is entirely up to you. You can use it or ignore it, but you can’t lose it. It’s part of who you are. I have begun training people who show strong natural psychic ability on how to use their gift to help themselves and others. Have a talent and learning to use it properly are two different things all together.

It can take years to develop psychic ability to the point where it is usable and accurate. If you want experience life to the fullest, you should explore new avenues and try to realize your full potential. Psychic ability does not come with a manual, but the intuitive nature of the psychic usually makes it possible to manage the gift, and make it work. All you need is a little guidance from someone who has been down that path before you. Psychic ability should always be used for good. It’s not a toy. I work with a lot of prayer and surround myself with as much white light of protection as possible.

With a little training and a lot of patience, a person can easily develop their natural psychic abilities. Just don’t fall into the trap of comparing yourself with others who have ability. Each of us are unique, and we are all at different points on our soul evolution. There are lots of great resources online for exploring psychic abilities. Fine a few that click with you and get started. You will see life in a whole new white light!

3 thoughts on “Are YOU Psychic?

  1. Michele Murphy says:

    I remember at an event a few years ago – at Kelly muller’s home- I had the great fortune of meeting you! I never received such an accurate and detailed reading ever in my life. You did state you were going to have psychic training workshops, and suggested I attend them- when do they start and how can I sign up as soon as possible?? 😊😊😊 best and blessings from Michele Murphy

  2. Alexa Klezer says:

    I have been to many of your group readings and also a few private readings. I have many times wanted to talk to you about the ability that I have. I think it will be great to train with you and see everything I can do. I would love to know where to sign up.

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