Psychic Parties vs. Group Channeling Sessions

Posted on March12, 2012

I am frequently asked if I do “psychic parties” as opposed to group channeling sessions. The thought always brings to mind a fortuneteller in layers of shiny, exotically colored garments, wearing a sequined turban, passionately rubbing a large crystal ball. While the outfit might be appealing for Halloween, I tend to cringe when I hear the words “party psychic”. I have nothing against psychics that do parties, telling fortunes and predicting the sexes of the next-to-be-born. It’s just not what I do.

So, do I do “psychic parties?” My channeling groups could be called a party. It is a reconnecting between people here on the Earth and loved ones visiting from Heaven. While there are always moments when the tissue box gets passed around the room, most of the energy in my groups is typically upbeat and healing. As a medium, it’s my job to connect. I let the folks on the Other Side do the talking. They arrive, announce themselves, and then pick up where they left off when they died. They reconnect to let us know they are protecting and guiding us. They may offer advice to help us in current life situations. They bring love and humor, but rarely give away the sex of yet to be born babies or deliver foreboding prophecies. That’s not what this medium does. Everyone is different.

A psychic or medium should just not handle some topics. In my opinion, medical and legal advice needs to come from doctors and lawyers, not psychics and mediums. Finding that “special someone” in your life should not be the responsibility of your psychic or medium. Go online and find a dating service, it’s a lot faster! Many wonderful things come through in sessions with psychics and mediums, but some of the answers that people are looking for need to come from professional sources.

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Home for the Holidays

Posted on November 22, 2011

It’s not just the living who drop by for a visit during the holiday season. Loved ones on the Other Side often tell me during channeling sessions that they come to visit at this joyous time of year. They love to experience a taste of the old holiday excitement.

However, the living, who have recently suffered the loss of a close family member or good friend, the annual holidays can be anything but happy. Celebrating these holidays for the first time without a significant other, a parent, or a child, can be a painful and lonely experience. There is, however, a bigger picture. Losing the physical presence and connection with a loved one can be devastating. We see our lives as empty, and lose desire and motivation for moving forward with such a loss. It is natural to go through a mourning period, but when that mourning becomes a full-time job, and lasts for years, we have not only lost someone close to us, we have given up our own life as well.

There comes a point when all of us will lose someone close to us, it is a natural part of life. The upside is, those same souls never really leave us. They are probably sitting right next to you at your computer reading this blog and telling you, “See, I told you I was here, but you won’t listen!” Reconnecting with family and friends now in Spirit can help to get us back on track living life to the fullest.

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Scared Of Your Own Shadows

Posted on February 7, 2012

I always breathe a sigh of relief when we get to February. I hate winter. Although winter has been a cakewalk so far this year, at least in North Jersey. Maybe the groundhog is just seeing someone else’s shadow, and winter really is going to end early. If this is what winter is going to be like for the next six weeks, I am all for it.

Groundhogs are not the only ones who are influenced by shadows. Many human beings are scared of their “shadows” as well. As a species we seem to make an artform out of being afraid, and worrying is second only to breathing on our priority list. We all need to learn how to stop worrying and start living.

One of the topics that repeatedly comes up in my channeling sessions is lack of movement on one’s life path. This stagnation stems from worrying, indecision, and over thinking every possible outcome to a problem until we box ourselves into a corner and become immobile. In a sense, we have become scared of our own shadows and run back into our hole. Folks, this is a life lesson we need to learn fast and move on.

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Home for the Holidays

Posted on November 22, 2011

It’s not just the living who drop by for a visit during the holiday season. Loved ones on the Other Side often tell me during channeling sessions that they come to visit at this joyous time of year. They love to experience a taste of the old holiday excitement.

However, the living, who have recently suffered the loss of a close family member or good friend, the annual holidays can be anything but happy. Celebrating these holidays for the first time without a significant other, a parent, or a child, can be a painful and lonely experience. There is, however, a bigger picture. Losing the physical presence and connection with a loved one can be devastating. We see our lives as empty, and lose desire and motivation for moving forward with such a loss. It is natural to go through a mourning period, but when that mourning becomes a full-time job, and lasts for years, we have not only lost someone close to us, we have given up our own life as well.

There comes a point when all of us will lose someone close to us, it is a natural part of life. The upside is, those same souls never really leave us. They are probably sitting right next to you at your computer reading this blog and telling you, “See, I told you I was here, but you won’t listen!” Reconnecting with family and friends now in Spirit can help to get us back on track living life to the fullest.

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For Ghosts, Halloween is Just a Nightmare

Posted on October 31, 2011

Americans seem to be obsessed with ghosts and hauntings, especially this time of the year. We talk about them. We write about them. We chase them with meters and equipment, probing and prodding, searching all of their safe hiding places until we find them. Then when we finally do find one, we scream. Whoever thought up the idea of Halloween was obviously not a ghost.

October. The air begins to chill, slowly, first at night, and then during the day. The leaves start their colorful dance ushering in the final stage of their existence. Nature begins its preparation for a long winter’s nap. Everything alive seems to go to sleep or migrate south. Only we humans seem to stick around for the colder months. October, with its warm days, cool nights, and colorful displays of foliage, is a favorite month for many―many of the living that is. For the dead, the month signifies an unwanted awareness by the living that the dead may be lurking around us. Those feelings build to a pitch as we approach Halloween. The dead are just not safe in October―and they know it. The living simply don’t understand the dead. When it comes to a haunting, we take it very personally, even when it has nothing to do with us. October just gives ghosts nightmares.

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The Ghosts of Higbee Beach

Posted on September 1, 2011

The fall is when we start thinking about back to school, back to work after vacations, and the changing seasons and upcoming holidays. Those of us who love the paranormal also start thinking about ghosts and hauntings. However, Halloween is not the exclusive haunting season for ghosts. Ghosts exist right along with the living year around. In Cape May, they seem to have found a “permanent retirement community.”

There have been reports of strange sightings on Higbee Beach for many years. However, in the past years most of those reports had more to do with naked sunbathers and lewd behavior than with ghosts. There were paranormal sightings, but they were more spread out. I must admit that for someone who has spent summers in Cape May since the early 1970s, I had never once set foot on Higbee Beach in those early days. As a kid, the bay side of Cape May did not really appeal to me. I admit I loved the sunsets and walking to the end of the jetty to watch guys fish, but Higbee Beach had very little to offer me. There were no big waves or arcades. Most of all, it was a long walk from the car! When I finally made it to Higbee Beach as an adult, I found it to be one of the most tranquil settings on the peninsula. I also sensed quite a bit of psychic energy, of the ghostly sort. Higbee Beach is an area whose history has long been forgotten by most. Luckily, ghosts have memories like elephants. They never forget. That’s why most of them are still ghosts, they are still clinging to old memories from a life long gone.

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Ghosts of the Southern Mansion

Posted on August 18, 2011

One of the most beautiful places to stay in Cape May is the Southern Mansion, located on a spacious corner on Washington Street near the center of town. The house, built in 1863, has been the site of extravagant entertaining since the days of the Civil War. A house with so much rich history is bound to have a few ghosts kicking around. At the Southern Mansion, those ghosts have made themselves right at home—they should be, they used to live there, and now they don’t want to leave. A classic case of both emotional and material attachments, with a little drama thrown in as well. Welcome to Cape May, America’s oldest and most haunted seaside resort.

The Ghosts of the Southern Mansion do not walk alone. I have found they are not an isolated group. As with many haunts in Cape May the ghosts in this old house seem to enjoy the company of other ghosts in the neighborhood. When I last visited, I detected ghosts in the yard that were not related to the house. They seemed to come and go as if they were using the place as a park. Maybe they were. The property was once part of the large plantation owned by William Corgie, a mover and shaker in town. His old farmhouse across the street (now the Washington Inn Restaurant) is also haunted.

The Southern Mansion has a rather colorful history. The mansion was first built by an Irishman named George Allen as his summer residence, during the Civil War. Allen lived in Philadelphia and had done quite well as a merchant of shoes, hats, and uniforms supplied to both the northern and southern armies.  His home was designed by famed architect Samuel Sloan of Philadelphia as a summer residence.  For many years it was the site of lavish entertaining. Allen eventually left Cape May, disgruntled by the town fathers outlawing gambling and drinking, and went back to Philadelphia.

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The Ghosts of Historic Cold Spring Village

Posted on June 29, 2011

One of the places I have been spending time investigating recently is Historic Cold Spring Village in Cape May. The 22-acre compound boasts a collection of rescued historic buildings dating back to 1691. Fortunately, for all of us, they also have a collection of ghosts. I have just begun to dig into the paranormal here. While I was able to feature a few snippets in my new book 400 Years of the Ghosts of Cape May, I plan to do an in-depth, building-by-building report for the still to be written Ghosts of Cape May Book 4.

I must admit that in all the years I have been ghost hunting in Cape May, the thought of digging through the ethers of Historic Cold Spring Village and its collection of restored period houses and buildings was the last thing on my mind. I had visited the village several times over the last ten years, but my attention focused on history, rather than the paranormal. Contrary to what you may think, I don’t eat, sleep and breathe ghosts. I have a life beyond death, and I try my best to keep it that way. Cold Spring Village has always appealed to my historical side.

The ghosts of Historic Cold Spring Village first appeared on my radar last summer when my partner Willy and I were visiting the village with our friends Sandy and Jilly from Ipswich. It was a hot July day, and we decided to stop for ice cream. As I approached the ice cream parlor, I could sense the ghost of a woman trying to make contact with me. I stopped, tuned out from the living, and listened as the woman complained about “names being spelled incorrectly”. She would not elaborate, but begged me to do something about the travesty. It was not a complete conversation. Psychically, it went something like this: “Names misspelled. Fix. Please talk to her.” This is how something psychic will come into my head, in fragments and images, not in complete conversations. My brain has to stitch together the information and translate it into something that I can understand. I noted what was said as we went in for ice cream. The woman vanished from my head.

We stood inside the air-conditioned ice cream parlor a short time later and ordered a round of cones. As we glanced up at the board with the day’s flavors, I noticed that black raspberry was misspelled “Black Rasberry”. Could this have been what the ghost was talking about? As we devoured our ice cream cones, I pondered the idea with Willy, Sandy, and Jilly. I considered telling the woman behind the counter. The problem was, I did not know the woman working the counter at all and was not sure how she would react to the idea of a haunted ice cream parlor. Some people love the idea of having a ghost. Others have a meltdown.

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The ghost of Peter Shields Inn

Posted on June 20, 2011

The paint was fresh, the wallpaper glimmering, and the venerable old restaurant was once again open for business, now sporting its dressy new attire. Renovations will typically stir a ghost or two. No one knows why. Do ghosts see change, or do they continually see the way things were when they lived? Will changing the interior of a building, even so much as new paint and wallpaper, stir up a haunting? Usually, it does. At the Peter Shields Inn, the new facelift is definitely a plus, but the ghost did not need a wake up call. He was already on duty.

Located toward the eastern end of the beachfront in Cape May, the old Peter Shields Inn sits just outside the hustle and bustle of the busy center of town. The building was originally built as the summer home for East Cape May developer Peter Shields, but a failed business plan and a personal tragedy sent him packing in the end. This tragedy is what created this ghost story, a story about a son waiting for his father to return. Unfortunately, both are now dead. The father long ago left for Heaven, but the lonely ghost of his son stays behind and hopes for his return, faithfully waiting for almost 100 years.

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Summer Haunts in Cape May

Posted on June 19, 2011

COLUMBIA HOUSE – Ocean Street, Cape May

Not every place to stay in Cape May is a Bed and Breakfast. There are many wonderful old Victorians that have been converted into guest suites. This is basically a series of apartments, like condos, that one can rent a few days or a week at a time. These suites are usually divided up by floors. Columbia House, at the corner of Ocean Street and Columbia Avenue, has wonderful guest suites,  is a block from the ocean, and has a ghost—actually, two ghosts.

Local baker William Essen built the house after the great fire of 1878.Essen lived in the house until he became wheelchair bound and eventually died from complications of diabetes. An ironic death for a local baker and confectioner. Essen’s bakery was on Washington Street, now the site of  La Patisserie, a fabulous French bakery on the mall. Somehow, Essen’s spirit has managed to live on for almost a century in the old house. He is very good with electronics and managed to reset my room air conditioning unit (which has since been replaced) up to 90 degrees and down to about 48 degrees! He also managed to change the microwave display from the time to the word “Hello” surrounded by icons that looked like flowers.  The most activity for me was on the second floor. We watched a chair back away from the kitchen table as I sat on the other side with friends and tried to communicate with Mrs. Essen. I also recorded some good EVPs on the second floor, although I have recorded some on the third floor as well. The third floor turret suite is also one of the most magnificent suites in town, by the way!

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Ghosts of the John McConnell House

Posted on April 27, 2011

Walking down Jackson Street off season, in the evening, is sometimes like walking through a graveyard at night. Many of the buildings sit silent and dark, being closed for the season. Should you happen to glance up at some of the darkened windows in the upper floors of these old seaside sentinels, you may just catch a quick glimpse of something looking back at you. Then, in an instant, it will be gone. Was it a ghost, or just your imagination? On this venerable Cape May thoroughfare, it is more likely to be the former, as many “former” residents still reside here, decades after they have died.

Jackson Street was originally a Native American Indian path to the ocean. The Kechemeche tribe came to the peninsula to fish and swim in the summer, much as we do today. Once the Europeans arrived, the Native tribes started to pack up and leave. At some point, the new arrivals to America started to realize Cape May’s cool breezes and great beaches had great potential as a resort. In the late 1700s, Jackson Street was surveyed and straightened as taverns and small boarding houses began to spring up. Eventually Jackson Street became a major street on “Cape Island” and many cottages and hotels were erected. In 1878, a great fire leveled the area and reduced the buildings and neighborhood to ashes. Over the next decade, homes and hotels rose like a flock of Phoenixes and Jackson Street was reborn again. Layers of history usually have a few ghosts tucked into those layers. The ghosts seem to have taken to the neighborhood. Jackson Street remains one of the most haunted spots in the country.

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Channeling with a Super Moon

Posted on March 23, 2011

Since I was in my early twenties, I have felt the influence of full moons while channeling. At a recent séance at the John F. Craig House in Cape May, the night of the super moon on March 19, the moon’s influence on my psychic abilities was never greater. Spirits of loved ones, trying to communicate from the Other Side, were constantly interrupted or cut off by the ghosts who had become hyper-stimulated by the moon’s proximity to the Earth. From this Medium’s point of view, it was like listening to three rock concerts all at once, only hearing noise instead of music. The ghosts were in full bloom that night, and they did not care in the least if they were jamming my frequencies.

I could feel the effects of the moon all day. I love a good full moon, but this one felt different. Throughout the day, I was seeing psychic flashes of people I did not know. The images popped into my head and out again before I realized what was happening. Since I would be conducting a séance that evening at the Craig House, with sixteen living guests attending, I assumed I was seeing dead relatives of some of the night’s participants. I had been doing some light channeling for the guests since I arrived on Friday afternoon, even though it was not a spirit channeling event. I was there to talk about and attempt to contact the ghosts, not channel people’s loved ones from the Other Side.

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What it's like to Channel

Posted on February 24, 2011

Sometimes group channeling is like standing in the middle of Times Square in New York City directing traffic. Sometimes I even get run over.

My life as a Medium is always taking me down new paths. In my upcoming book, I am going to be detailing the entire journey. I have come a long way since those early days of playing around with Tarot cards, and “ambush channeling” for close friends. What started out as a wild fascination has turned into a lifelong career.

Today, I am channeling more than ever, especially small groups of six to ten people. While this amount of channeling can be draining, it allows positive energies to flow for many people at once. I shied away from group channeling for years. One-on-one private channeling was hard enough. At the time, I could not imagine tangling with the energies of more than one person. Life is a learning curve, however, and sometimes we just can’t see down our own life path. My life journey has now taken me into group work, and I am loving it. Well, most of the time I do. Read on.

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Giving Myself The Psychic Tweetment

Posted on February 12, 2011

I am now flying and tweeting with the rest of you. I have started on Twitter. CraigMcMedium is here!

I guess it’s about time. I admit I am slow to follow trends. When it comes to social media, I have been very antisocial. Maybe it’s just me, but we seem to live with more of a herd mentality than ever these days. Social media sends us running and yapping in all different directions at once. There is an old Bugs Bunny cartoon from 1949 titled Hare Do. When I was a kid I used to love the part where Elmer Fudd chases Bugs into a movie theater and Bugs gets the best of him. In one of the gags, Bugs switches a lever making the sign over the entrance to the theater change from “intermission” to “curtain.” Each time he does this, the crowd stampedes to the lobby to smoke or rushes back into the theater to see the picture. This repeats about six or seven times, and Elmer is always under the stampeding herd of people. The image reminds me a lot of social media. One person likes, posts or tweets something interesting, and a herd of people electronically rush in that direction.

I am not completely anti social media. I did manage to get on facebook before most of my friends. At the time it was for the younger generation, still in school, but I thought it would be the way to go to promote my books and events. It turned out I made the right decision. I had skipped the MySpace movement all together, again being the last one on my block to follow trends. I was the last one on my block to do many things. When I was in grade school, everyone had a ten-speed bike. I still had the three-speed bike my parents bought me in fifth grade. I did not upgrade to a ten-speed until I was an adult, many years later. I just skipped from that three-speed to driving a car, as I did when I missed being part of the popular website MySpace, going right to facebook. Not that there was anything wrong with MySpace, it is a great social media platform. I just got into social media late, when facebook was on the rise, and my younger co-workers suggested it would be the way to go for me. They were right, I think.

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Ghosts of the Bedford Inn

Posted on February 11, 2011

I was in Cape May to host several events on the weekend prior to Halloween of 2010. As with other years, I stayed in one of Cape May’s delightful Bed & Breakfasts. The deciding factor of course was that the place was haunted. Last year I chose the Bedford Inn on Stockton Street. It is a few doors down from another famous haunt in town, the Sea Holly. In the years when the Sea Holly was a B&B, I had heard various stories from guests staying at the Bedford that phantom footsteps could be heard traipsing along the long hallways at night. Trying to get any information out of the previous owner was a challenge and yielded little information about any paranormal happenings.  I could sense “something” from the street, but not enough to draw any sort of psychic conclusions. It is very difficult to read ghosts from the outside of a structure looking in. Most often a psychic needs to be in point blank range to understand the ghost behind a haunting. Whereas Spirits from Heaven tend to “broadcast” their messages, ghosts seem to keep all of their personal info close to the vest. The ghosts of the Bedford were tight-lipped to say the least.

Years have passed since I first caught wind of something paranormal happening at the Bedford. Since those early days on Stockton Street, the Bedford has changed hands. My friends Archie and Stephanie Kirk currently own this delightful B&B. While the Kirk’s other property, the Linda Lee, is a better known haunt, the Bedford has been slowly moving into my psychic radar. Each time I stay at the Bedford, I run a cassette tape recorder and attempt to capture ghost voices on tape (EVPs).  On several occasions, I had a good bit of luck in capturing the voices of a few talkative ghosts.

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Orbs 101 – Do YOU Believe in Orbs?

Posted on August 28, 2010

On a ghost hunt, our creative imagination can potentially run interference with our investigation. When it comes to ghosts and hauntings, the human mind (and the human imagination) can run away with itself and take others with it in the process.

About once or twice a month, I will get an email from someone that contains a picture with “orbs.” Those mysterious blobs and spheres of light seem to turn up everywhere, especially during ghost hunting. Some of these pictures have one or two orbs, while others have “orb storms.” I try not to discourage anyone seriously interested in the paranormal, but sometimes we all tend to get a little carried away with ourselves when it comes to ghosts, myself included. But what are orbs really? There are a lot of theories and the subject is a matter of hot debate in paranormal circles, but no one really knows for sure what causes them to manifest in some pictures and not in others.

The picture below was taken by Willy of me investigating the upstairs hallway and rooms in the Fralinger’s building at Cape May. At one time, the building was called the Capital Bar & Hotel and the building is haunted. In every other shot taken in this sequence, prior to and after this “Batman-angled” shot, there were no orbs. In this shot there are a multitude of little white spots swimming around me in the air. They are to the right of my face, above me and in front of the door behind me. What do you think they are?

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Paranormal Activity Right in Your Own Home

Posted on August 27, 2010

With all the hype from last year’s Paranormal Activity movie, and Paranormal Activity 2 opening on October 22, you would think ghosts in someone’s house is a brand new phenomenon. The fact is, many people have ghosts and do not even know it and just as many think they have a ghost, but in reality there is not a specter to be found. We all love a good, old-fashioned scare at the movies, but with so many people asking me if this could happen to them, I thought we could all use a little “reality check” for our current paranormal situation.

I give a lot of credit to the people who created Paranormal Activity as it was one of the most successful movies of all time and did scare the pants off more than a few people. The people behind the movie chose to create a “demonic entity” instead of a ghost doing the haunting, to really turn up the scare. I have never been a big fan of movies that play up evil in control. As a “light worker” I feel part of my gift as a psychic medium is to help people understand that most of what goes bump in the night is either benevolent or their imagination running wild.

Hauntings are usually very subtle, and many people who live with a ghost rarely know it. From time to time, a ghost may make its presence known to the living. Cold spots, phantom footsteps, shadowy showings, and a few bumps in the night may be calling cards for your typically quite, dead housemates, but this type of activity is usually well spaced apart. Of course, all of these signs may turn out to be ordinary, explainable things, like squirrels in the attic or a loose shutter. However, sometimes those bumps in the night turn out to be something unexplainable, in that case you might just have a ghost.

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Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP)

Posted on October 1, 2008

EVP or Electronic Voice Phenomena is basically a ghost voice caught on tape. We don’t know how it happens, but there are many theories on the subject. In The Ghosts of Cape May Book 3,  I get into more detail about how EVPs occurred in my various haunting investigations. I do think that my being a psychic medium has something to do with the higher frequency of EVPs that appear on my tapes. For some unknown scientific reason, certain types of recording devices like cassette tape recorders and digital tape recorders are able to capture sounds that humans cannot hear.  On playback, ghostly voices or noises may be heard in the static of a recording, or stronger versions of these voices may be heard talking at almost the same level as the living.

Since  books do not yet come with an audio component, I thought I would post several EVPs from my investigations here on this website. EVPs are very subjective bits of sound and different people tend to hear different things. Some people hear nothing but static, while others hear voices and even conversations. I will let you decide what is being said and I welcome your comments below!

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