For Ghosts… Halloween is Just a Nightmare

For ghosts, Halloween isn’t just a bad dream, it’s a nightmare. Americans seem to be obsessed with ghosts and hauntings, especially this time of the year. We talk about them. We write about them. We chase them with meters and equipment, probing and prodding, searching all of their safe hiding places until we find them. […]

A Locked Bathroom Door is No Match for a Determined Mother

Moms in spirit have a way of keeping in touch, even if it means showing up at the most inopportune times. They are always around in spirit, expected or not. My mom passed in May of 2010, just after Mother’s Day. There usually isn’t a day that goes by without something reminding me of her […]

The Good Old Days…Are Now

  When I hear people lament how “the good old days” are gone, I have to stop and add my two cents. The good old days are not gone, they are still happening, right around you. The power of positive thinking will put them back on your calendar. We each face hardships and challenges at […]

Signs from Heaven

Signs from Heaven Everyone has an open line to spirit, we all just have to understand that communications between the living and those on the Other Side can be either obvious or subtle. A channeling session is not the only time spirits of loved ones are present. Spirits are around you every day. Sometimes our […]

Ghosts of the Hermitage

The Rosencrantz family is long dead, but being dead doesn’t stop them from entertaining guests at the historic Hermitage in Ho-Ho-Kus. The ghosts of the Hermitage do not wander the old mansion alone. They have plenty of (living) company as their old home is also a museum. Set back from a busy main road in […]

Cape May’s Special Energy

Cape May’s Special Energy

Are you pulled right into the energy of Cape May? You’re not alone. The dead are on permanent vacation here. So what makes Cape May so haunted? Something is causing the ghosts to linger. Cape May’s special energy creates some unseen force or cohesive bond between earthbound spirits allows them to survive season after season […]

Are YOU Psychic?

Do you have dreams that come true? Do you think about someone moments before they text, call or run into you somewhere unexpectedly? Do you get a “sense” when a location “feels good” or “gives you the creeps?” If you have answered yes to all these, you just may have some natural psychic ability. I […]